KLEY, working for the environment

Do you want to raise awareness, get others involved and advocate for the planet? Our world deserves it. Let's go!
KLEY, working for the environment

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Do you have ideas for concrete action that could be implemented? A challenge for your residence? An eco-responsible partnership to set up? Let's do it!
#Concrete action

#Concrete action

10,000 students in four years: that creates real opportunities to raise awareness. If each of these students passes along their message to five other people, that small step for a person becomes a giant leap for the community with a tangible social and environmental impact.
Every year, KLEY students and employees vote for a social and environmental theme to support and choose an association to officially partner with.

#Jean-Baptiste Mortier


Our involvement at KLEY is not just helpful, it's essential. We are extremely proud that the GoodPlanet Foundation agreed to work with us in our efforts for the planet. But to reach our goal, we must go beyond the walls of KLEY and spread the word to others. KLEY students are a formidable force for promoting positive initiatives and conveying this message of hope to their colleagues, friends, family and future generations. A big thank you to Yann Arthus-Bertrand and all those who have helped to make this fantastic project a reality.



#Kley for the planet


Climate change is already here. We urgently need to act, as one, to protect the planet.


In partnership with the GoodPlanet Foundation and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, KLEY is encouraging its entire ecosystem to raise awareness through a range of initiatives taking place throughout the year, including an Ambassadors programme, Sing for the Planet contest and eco-responsible cooking classes. Want to join in?

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At Kley we work with preferred partners to constantly step up our eco-responsible efforts!
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