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From studios to shared apartments, you can enjoy the best conditions for studying. Enjoy the latest in student accommodation – fully furnished, the best sound proofing, optimised storage, large windows, natural light, and Wi-Fi with fibre-optic online connectivity.
What made me participate to KLEY Ambassadors for the Planet is our generation, the young people, but also the next one, who must be educated, made aware and opened to this field of knowledge.
At KLEY we have communal areas that encourage meetings with people from so many different backgrounds, it's really interesting !
Constance Chapelot
The KLEY team is there to support its students' "1st times" and make their lives easier: 1st time living on my own, 1st time cooking, 1st time doing laundry or ironing... You can count on us!
Constance Chapelot
What I like about Kley is above all the diversity, because we have a lot of foreign students and I find it very interesting to share different cultures within the residence. I've met people I'd never have met anywhere else !
Edith Collavizza
Providing all the right conditions to ensure our residents are happy and successful in their journey.
Edith Collavizza
Manager of KLEY Paris-Gennevilliers
KLEY is a home to me and I enjoy every moment here
Kley Paris-Gennevilliers resident
#book with KLEY? It's easy!

#book with KLEY? It's easy!

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#discover The Boost Society group

#discover The Boost Society group

Founded in 2014, in less than five years The Boost Society has become the leader in the French private student housing market as an investor, operator and owner.
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At Kley, we have a mission: to offer young students throughout France (and also in Spain!) a fun, flexible, convenient, and high-quality student housing solution. With this goal in mind, we have created Kley student residences in various locations across the country, in major cities and near university campuses and prestigious schools. Kley student residences are designed for all students, featuring modern and fully equipped accommodations, a range of all-inclusive services, and a true sense of community.


 Residences for Today's Students

Embark on the Kley adventure to make your studies an unforgettable experience. Our residences, located in the major university cities of France, aim to make your student life as enriching as possible. The proximity to campuses and points of interest in each city, the layout of the common areas in the student residences, the decor, the services offered, the support of our teams, and the layout of the accommodations have all been designed to provide you with an ideal work environment where you can thrive 100%. From Brest to Marseille, passing through Rennes and Paris, each student residence is located in a dynamic and pleasant neighborhood. The location is also chosen to simplify the commute between your place of study and your accommodation, as well as to provide easy access to the city center. By sharing daily life with other young people from different backgrounds and nationalities, you are immersed in a pool of talents with whom you can exchange ideas and support each other in your studies and revisions.


 Student Residences Tailored to Everyone's Needs

Whether you prefer to live alone, in pairs, in a small shared apartment, or in a larger group, you will find the student housing that suits your needs in our Kley student residences. You have a wide range of student rentals to choose from to enjoy the work atmosphere that suits your personality and ideal study conditions. Need tranquility to study? Choose a studio or a one-bedroom apartment to be quiet and fully concentrate on your studies. And when you feel the need to take a break from your classes, enjoy the common areas of your student residence where you can relax and recharge. Need to be surrounded by a group of young students to stimulate yourself and exchange ideas daily? Our shared apartments are perfect for you! We offer student apartment rentals ranging from two to nine bedrooms in our student residences. Enjoy studying together and chilling out with others. And if you need some alone time, take advantage of your furnished private room to relax and focus.


 Kley : The Student Residence that Makes Life Easy

No surprises at the end of the month with the all-inclusive Kley package. Rent and utilities are fixed to avoid any budgetary hassles. This way, you can enjoy the services of your student residence without any worries. And because we know that student life is full of surprises, we offer flexible leases, so no stress! Administrative support is also provided by our on-site teams to assist you with procedures such as applying for housing assistance or managing your student budget. Our teams are also committed to making your stay in the student residence enjoyable and ensuring the best conditions for studying. Speaking of optimal studying conditions, our student residences also offer included cleaning services to lighten your daily load and allow you to focus on your studies. Still hesitating to rent student housing? What if we told you that booking student accommodation in one of our student residences across France can be done quickly and easily with just a few clicks? Simply fill out the reservation form and submit your supporting documents. You can sign your lease agreement and pay your first monthly installment online, and then it's time to unpack your bags in your brand new student accommodation !


 Services and Benefits at Kley Student Residences

At Kley student residences, everything is designed to help students thrive and enjoy the best working conditions to succeed in their studies. Numerous services are included in the price of your rental to bring you peace of mind, well-being, and joy on a daily basis: parking spaces, laundry facilities, sale of fresh bread and everyday products, or even rental of a linen kit. But that's not all! Within our all-inclusive student residences, you can enjoy a multitude of facilities and services to make life beautiful. Discover now what makes Kley student residences so exceptional!


 Warm and Friendly Common Areas

We believe in creating common spaces that go beyond simple places to sleep. We want to offer you a real community where you feel at home from day one. In our student residences, you can enjoy comfortable lounges to relax and chat with your neighbors, or use our workspaces to study or simply share good times. Either way, you'll always find a place to feel at home and make connections in one of our Kley student residences.


 Organized Activities and Events

Take advantage of the activities and events frequently organized by the Kley team to enrich your experience in student residence. From themed parties to practical workshops, there's something for everyone.


 Well-Stocked Library

Need some peace and quiet? Kley student rentals offer you a library with a wide variety of books for self-service to nourish your mind and curiosity, as well as to help you with your student revisions.


 Furnishings and Included Equipment

At Kley, we've thought of everything to make you feel at home in our student accommodations from day one. That's why, when you arrive at a Kley student residence, your student cocoon is already equipped! We provide the necessary furnishings and equipment (such as dishes) so you can settle in comfortably and at no extra cost. Just unpack your bags, and we'll take care of the rest.


 Fast and Reliable Internet Connection

We know how essential a fast and reliable internet connection is for any student today. At Kley, you'll enjoy Internet and Wi-Fi (of course!) with fiber for optimal connectivity to stay connected at all times, whether you're in your student accommodation or in the common areas.


 Entertainment at Your Fingertips

Feeling like a movie night with friends to take a break from studying? No problem! You don't even have to leave the student residence. Our TV room is here for that. Get comfortable, choose a movie, and immerse yourself in the friendly atmosphere.


 Convenient Bike Space

And for our cyclists, we've also thought of you! Each Kley student residence has a practical bike space. It allows you to keep your precious mode of transportation safe and in good condition, making it easier for you to commute to the city center or your campus!


 Easy Parcel Reception

Never miss a package again! We offer a parcel reception service in our student residences to simplify your life when you order online. No more delivery worries, we take care of everything so you can fully enjoy your online purchases without leaving the student residence.


 Free Sports Classes

Stay fit all year round with our gymnasiums, located directly at the heart of our student residences! Whether you're a resident of the Kley student residence in Paris, Montpellier, or Caen, you can enjoy free access to a modern and well-equipped Open Gym. Whether you're passionate about fitness or just looking for a fun way to stay fit, our gymnasiums are here for you. And the best part? It's free for all our residents!

Each student residence also offers specific additional services. Visit the pages of each of our Kley student residences in Paris, Toulouse, Angers, Montpellier, Cergy, Rennes, Rouen, or anywhere else to discover the complete list of services offered! Come and discover community life with Kley student residences and experience Happy Performance. So, which of our residences will win your heart? Paris, Montpellier, Toulouse? We can't wait to meet you!

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