An all-inclusive price for your life to be simpler

With us, it's all inclusive for what is important: Wi-Fi, electricity, hot water and household waste.

Many other services are included: workshop and bike parking, laundry, loan of irons and many other things.

We also thought of other services you can activate: meals, local doctor, daily housekeeping, home insurance...

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Committed to quality and safety

To assist you in your academic success, our team is present with you 6 days out of 7. At the reception, on the floors, on your laptop, on our social networks and of course, on Le Yum.

We pay the utmost attention to your safety: access control, video surveillance 24/7. We are also very attentive to your comfort: modern facilities, cleanliness, ergonomic and quality of life within our accommodation.


Always transparent with you

Kley is a student Address apart. And it is you who say this.

Transparent prices in the lease, and services included. We do everything to make it simple and clear.

Kley with no surprises after signing the contract.


Here you always have a private student accommodation and spaces for sharing.

Because there are times when you need to be on your own, to concentrate, to find yourself; and times when you have to work in groups, get involved in a project or relax together around a foosball table.

Kley created the first co-working spaces for students

Our architects have thought of everything so that these co-working spaces are perfectly adapted to your needs: sound insulation, glass area to enhance natural light, ergonomic furniture.

You are logged in to Kley

A “trombinoscope” (directory) to inform you, a forum for discussion and to find help, exchanges with Kley for questions or glitches, and to order all the services when you need them. It is our Yum.

Of course you have Wi-Fi included, but mostly you are connected with us through our digital concierge (Le Yum).

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"The student period is often hard but we keep the best memories of our lives ... and often some friends ..."

We work hard, we meet, we discover, we learn ... The Klub is simply our association which allows students from the residence to stay connected, help each other, work together, to meet, in short to live together.

Participation in the association is free; it is you who decide to take part. Specifically, Kley pays € 1 per month per student to the budget of the association, allowing it to enhance life in the residence.

This is Le Klub supported by the residence Team that manages the facility. Depending on your interests, your desires, your free time, you can organize leisure and cultural activities, meetings, workshops, projects, helping start-ups, discover the city, go out ...

Kley, its you and us

Take ownership of our Kley Addresses and throughout the year help to improve them by sharing with us on Le Yum, or by bringing your touch to the communal areas.

Our addresses integrate seamlessly into their adopted city. Find in each address, a local touch, and enjoy partnerships with the businesses, universities, associations, and local authorities.