1st September: Wild Move Evening

1st September: Wild Move Evening

The beautiful, fun and sports to discover at Kley Caen on 1st September from 6pm to 9pm

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3rd September: Tips Evening

Find your job and your next hobby at Kley Caen 3rd September from 6pm to 7.30pm

Job Dating

  • 6 companies are offering many students job: Carrefour, Decathlon, O2, Crit Interim, Cegid Cleanliness, Birdies ...

Hobbies Dating

Discover where to find leisure activities. Demonstrations, information and discounts on the spot:

Concert Quokkas at 7.30pm

Discover the talented Caen duo, Les Quokkas

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During each evening a draw to win four months’ rent by coming to live in Kley Caen in 2015.

Legal: Draw reserved for students not yet tenants at Kley Caen. Rules of the draw searchable on this page

To find us, please contact us directly, or see our map.