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Perfectly located between the campus and the city centre, Kley Toulouse is closest Student Address to the Toulouse Business School’s Entiore campus. Only a 6 minutes’ drive and 10 minutes’ bus trip (line 83) away to Entiore site: Cité de l’Entreprise and its welcoming and service infrastructures: library, computer room, restauration…

In a partnership with TBS, Kley Toulouse is home to many students in the Bachelor cursus and even has a dedicated floor for them at the Residence, encouraging group work and new encounters.

Enjoy our new generation spaces and discover a real living space encouraging the balance between rest, study and fun needed to succeed.

#Choose your home #Studio apartment or shared apartment?

Set in a secure and comfortable environment, Kley Toulouse will find the housing solution that’s best for you. Students looking for independence and quiet can find a fully equipped, furnisher T1 studio apartment between 17 and 22 m². For these who prefer life in a community, exchanges, solidarity and more space, can choose one of our 103 m² shared apartments with terrace (to be shared with 4 other students). If you don’t know any other students in Toulouse yet, don’t worry: Bubble Flat, partnered with Kley, will help you find the perfect flatmates!

#Unique shared spaces #Studying #Sharing #Relaxing

During your Bachelor on the Entiore campus, TBS will require a very strong personal involvement and many group projects. That’s why we designed innovative shared spaces, so you can be on your own and focus on your work, enjoy some fresh air, exercise, work with others in a co-working rooms or simply to fully live out your life as a student. The spaces are available 24/7, secure, and have unlimited high-speed Internet access.

#Services #A dedicated team

Our Student Residence near TBS offers services included in the Price All Included and à la carte services to make your life easier. Laundry room, parking, meals options, administrative help… don’t worry, the Kley Toulouse team is here to make your daily life easier and help you focus on your studies. Always available and ready to listen, the director and the staff are in charge of life at the residence and support you all along during your Kley experience.

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