Student jobs in Caen: How to find one at the last moment!

Discover all the tips that Kley recommend to find a summer job in Caen at the last minute

To all students recently arrived in Caen or in the course of university studies, it is time for action! Are you looking for a student job and do not always find one at the end of July? Do not panic! Kley gives you all the tips you need to support you in your research.

1 - Operate your network

Who has not at least once worked in a small family business that belonged to a friend of his parents, where he managed a monumental amount of paperwork and doing dozens of thing at a time. Who has not worked at a friend's home or a friend of a friend? Remember to use your network, you may know a friend who might boost you or who is already working in Caen! Although the pay is not huge and taking leave is quite limited, there are lots of advantages to working in a small business. Do not forget it.

2 - Use your mobile apps

Do you know the apps that get you work? Make use of the apps on smartphones and mobile to find your student job or internship offers. Two apps that work well are Welkeys, allowing you to become caretaker, and Guidz allowing you to be a tour guide. Also look at our Guide de Caen and find some additional addresses. With specialized apps and our guide, you will easily and quickly find a job that suits you.

3 - Go to the ADEFA website

By going directly to the website ANEFA National Association for Employment and Agriculture), you will find offers to help farmers this summer. Work in the fields, it is useful for sunbathing ... don’t be dumb. Be careful to protect against sunburn.

4 - Get around the townhall

During the holidays, public services and particularly the Mairie de Caen need assistance to replace the staff on vacation. Whether for specific operations when going on vacation, or for the organization of concerts, festivals or other events, they are looking for volunteers. Feel free to contact them.

5 - Explore the organisations providing assistance to elderly people

Recognized as a profession of the future, assistance to the elderly is increasingly requested and is growing considerably. In summer, the elderly like outings, notably in the morning and evening. They may need support to go to shop or spend time with them. Do not dismiss the route of voluntary associations! The Association Caen Familles Services or the Croix-Rouge Française offer various jobs that fit your hours.