A balanced budget, an essential for any student

With just over 30,000 students for this autumn 2015, is the capital of Lower Normandy affordable? Compared to the rest of France, is the cost of student life in Caen higher or lower?

One thing is certain; the balanced budget has become a must for all students. They receive financial assistance or not, parents, students need to meet the expenses. Discover how our two students at Kley Caen live their student life.

Two Students at Kley Caen


Antoine perfectly manages his budget. With the help of his parents, he perfectly meets his needs with nearly € 900 per month. His goal is to become a researcher and is destined for lengthy studies. At Kley Caen, he finds all the necessary comforts to create a calm and efficient working environment. This framework allows him to find time for his hobbies, outside his hours of study.


As for her, Julie receives 700 euros per month thanks to the help of her parents; she must take a little more care with her spending while being able to live very comfortably. Her rent accounts for almost half her monthly income, including a full range of services. In her spare time, she opted for a job student in Caen to help her be more comfortable and fund all her hobbies.

Students living in Caen, is it less or more?

According to the Union Nationale des Etudiants de France, the average budget for a student in France for a month is 740 euros. According to the Fédération campus de Basse-Normandie, the average budget necessary for a student in Caen is 779 euros, only slightly above average. For a student city of this size, one can see that the cost is minimal compared with some other major cities such as Paris or Reims. This includes the various costs faced by students: housing, transport, food, etc ...