Le Lab

Working better is to work in spaces designed for this

Our architects have worked to develop co-working spaces tailored to your studies.
You can work there alone, in pairs or small groups. It is a mixture of niches, modular rooms and more comfortable spaces on the ground floor.
Our spaces are equipped with multiple monitors connected to Wi-Fi.

Le Kafé

Eating where, how and when we want...

Of course, you can cook and eat in your studio - it's intended for this. At Kley, you can create your almost perfect dinner around the dining tables or lunch at the bar of the Lounge area.

Le Kafé is equipped with an oven, a large fridge, hob, sink and all necessary utensils to discover or improve your cooking skills !

And if you do not have the time, vending machines offer a choice of healthy and satisfying snacks.

Le Squat

Our relaxation area with large screens and sofas

At Kley, we know that you need to change ideas between fierce working sessions. Our lounge areas are just that :
you find something fun with a football table, for example, relax on a sofa and watch a game with friends...
And feel free to share your favorites, your needs, your artistic talents on our great wall of expression.

Le Hub

A different welcome, rich and expressive

At the reception at Kley, you will find all the information you need : whether it be with the team, on the touch screen or via the news feed !
The central point of the residence, Le Hub allows you to access the equipment lending service : board games, iron, vacuum cleaner ...
It also lets you check the weather of the day to consult the activities offered by Le Klub, store equipment, report a problem or just chat with the team.

Le Patio

Relax in the open air!

At Kley, it is in AND out !

At Kley, it is in AND out ! Its true there is nothing like a breath of fresh air. Enjoy the 500m2 of terrace. Benches, tables or lawn are waiting for you to work or simply relax. When the warm weather arrives, play ping-pong.

Le PratiQ

The utility areas

Of course there is a laundry room in each Kley Address : washing machines, drying and ironing tables. All accessible 24h/24.

And yes, come with your bike : we have secure parking just for it and a maintenance workshop just for you.

LE KOSY (Coming this summer 2020…)

Like a cinema !

No need to rush to the cinema, at Kley, you have your own projection room, cozy and comfy to watch series or movies with other residents