Lover of concerts? Discover the programme of concerts to be held in the city of Caen in 2015

While some have the misfortune to be bored this summer, it will surely not be the residents of Caen.

America Normandy Festival - From 24 to 26 July

Welcome to the fifth edition of the America Normandy Festival to be held on 24, 25 and 26 July from 10am to midnight for 3 days, with an exceptional closing at 1am Saturday, July 25. You will enjoy American culture through country, rock, blues, folk but also the Western entertainment. Juggling and equestrian shows are organized. You will be pleased to find there vintage American cars and motorcycles.

For more information, visit website America Normandy Festival

Organ Recital at the Abbaye aux Hommes - July 31

Directed by two students from the conservatoires of Brussels and Caen, the organ recital will be held this July 31 from 12 am to 12:30 pm in the heart of the Abbaye aux Hommes. You will have the opportunity to visit the Abbey Saint-Etienne while taking full advantage of this concert, both solo and 4 hands, which will be by Camille Bloche (Conservatoire de Caen) and Fanny Pellerin (Concervatoire Royal Brussels).

"Voice Salto" Eclats de rue, Bernard Massuir – 7th August

Clown, comedian and singer Bernard Massuir will make you live 45 minutes of pure happiness on 7th August at 8pm at the Parc de la Fossette. Characterizing himself as a mad genius, he manages to live with lightness and humour with a full orchestra and shines alone. He makes you travel in a universe full of life, of changing tone of voice and navigating between the onomatopoeia. He will present to you and for the greatest pleasure his "One-man-concerto", interactive and entertaining as it is.

For more information, visit website Bernard Massuir

Festival PAN! – 25 & 26 September

The marking of the 20th anniversary of the Jazz Collective of Lower Normandy was focused on the Festival PAN! which will present on 25 and 26 September a beautiful cocktail of concerts, creations and meetings, all complemented by a number of surprises during the two evenings.

The program for Friday, 25 September:

  • 7pm - Opening of the photo exhibition of Christian Mariette and Bea Gillot + Cycle specializes Caen CRR with Martin Daguerre: alto saxophone / Gilles Varon: tenor saxophone / Jacques Graindorge: piano / Clémence Gaudin: bass / Frederik Bilhaut: drums
  • 8pm - Naïssam Jalal trio with Jalal Naïssam: flute, compositions / Matyas Szandai: bass / Wassim Helal: percussion
  • 9pm - Knoonk with Yann Letort: tenor & baritone saxophones / Martin Daguerre: alto saxophone / François Demichelis: bass / Jean-Luc Mondelice: drums
  • 10pm - Élise Caron Duo / Edward Perraud with Élise Caron: voice and flute / Edward Perraud: drums, percussion and electronics
  • 11pm - Zetlab with Bruce Sherfield: MC / Julien Mercier: trumpet, compositions / Rafael Paseiro: electric bass / Matthew Jerome keyboards / Pierre Mangeard: Drums

The program for Saturday, 26 September:

  • 6pm - Cimes Possibles / Cie Icizéla / Cie Laflux with Patrick Martin: botany, saxophone / Yann Letort: saxophone / Nicolas Talbot bass / Yann Fontbonne: drums (Cimes Possibles) + Elsa Deslandes and Rose-Marie Aubril (Cie Icizéla) and Caroline Savi (Cie Laflux): dance
  • 8pm – Duo Daniel Givone/Abdoulaye Traoré with Daniel Givone and Abdoulaye Traoré: guitars
  • 9pm - Matthew Donarier Trio with Matthew Donarier: saxophones / Manu Codjia: guitar / Joe Quitzke: Drums
  • 10pm - Petite Vengeance with Raphael Quenehen: saxophones, voice / Jeremiah Piazza: drums, guitar
  • 11pm - Special Grand Ball 20 years of CJBN with the musicians of the Collective and many surprise guests.
For more information, visit website Collectif Jazz de Basse-Normandie

Seasons Opening of the Caen Orchestra - 29 September

It is with great pleasure that Tuesday, 29 September 29, the Caen Orchestra will inaugurate its season opening. The first concert will be held at 8pm at the very heart of the Caen Orchestra. In the program :

  • Cello Concerto, Op 2 Samuel Barber (1910-1981)
  • Symphony No. 4 in E minor, opus 98 by Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)
For more information, visit the website of the Orchestre de Caen

Introducing the Cargö Season - October 1

This 1st October at 8.30pm, the Cargö hold its opening night of the season, which will follow a free concert by The Goaties. During this opening night, you will discover at first the program for 2015-2016, all from 8.30pm at the Cargö. The Goaties (winner springboard Normandy AOC held on May 28) will perform for you for the pleasure of many. For more information, visit the website Cargö

See you very soon...