What is the accommodation booking process?
  1. On the website www.kley.fr, choose the residence.
  2. In the contact tab, identify yourself by inserting your name and email and check the box "You have questions and would like to be reminded."
  3. Please remember within 24 hours to fill in all your booking form.
  4. Then upload your supporting documents. Once all downloaded items, you will receive within 48 hours a confirmation of your application and all contract documents.
  5. Return the contractual documents initialled and signed by the tenant and the guarantor (the lease and the rental conditions, the guarantee form, the ERNT, home insurance, the Internet usage charter and the rules of the residence).
  6. Make the first payment within 8 days.
  7. Get your confirmation and make an appointment for key collection.
How far in advance should I book my apartment?

There is no minimum period to reserve your apartment, registrations for the beginning of September are already open, then to your keyboards!

What are the documents needed to build my application?

For the future tenant:

  • Valid national identity card (passport for foreign students).
  • Valid visa or residence permit or similar (for foreign students).
  • Student ID or proof of registration if necessary.
  • Last three payslips and a copy of the employment contract (for employed students).
  • Recent certificate of employment (for working students).
  • Bank account details (RIB) for a bank with an establishment in France
  • Bank guarantee (if the tenant has no guarantor).

For the guarantor

  • Valid national identity card or passport.
  • Visa or residence permit or equivalent.
  • Last three pay slips.
  • Recent proof of employer.
  • Extract of accounts if profession.
  • Last income tax assessment in its entirety.
  • Last rent receipt.
  • Property tax demand if owner.
  • Bank account details (RIB) for a bank with an establishment in France.
What if I do not have any evidence at hand?

The completion of your application can be done in several stages. You can fill out the form on our website and send supporting documents simultaneously. If you are missing one or two documents, you can send them in the days following your reservation by email and indicating your form number.

What are the eligibility requirements?

To be eligible you must have completed the full dossier with all supporting documents. Next, you must have had confirmation of your booking, having signed the contractual documents and having paid the first payment (application fee, security deposit and first monthly payment).

Will my application be considered if a part is missing?

Only complete applications will be considered. The booking form must be completed with all requested supporting documents. Once all the necessary parts are downloaded, you will receive an email with the lease and the rental conditions, the guarantee form, the ERNT, comprehensive home insurance, the Internet usage charter and the rules of the residence.

What is a guarantor?

The guarantor is the person who, by signing the guarantee agrees to pay the rent if the tenant would not be able to achieve it. This is usually a family member (a parent, uncle, aunt etc ..), or a friend or a third party.

What is the surety?

The surety is a legal act involving someone other than the tenant and the residence in the lease contract. Also known as guarantor, the person signing the deed of surety undertakes to pay expenses related to the rental of premises in the event of default by the tenant. The signing of this document is made before the tenant's arrival on the site.

What is ERNT?

Information given to the tenant on natural and technological hazards with respect to foreseeable natural disasters, technological or seismic events relating to the accommodation.

Is it obligatory to have a guarantor?

It is not obligatory to have a guarantor, provided that the tenant supplies a bank guarantee issued by a bank with an institution in France. It must be equal to 12 months rent, expenses included.

Can anybody be a guarantor?

The guarantor must be solvent. This means he must be able to prove, with proof of income, the ability to assume the obligations arising therefrom.

What is the response time of acceptance?

Once your application is complete, Kley is committed to providing a response within 24 hours.

At what point will my reservation be confirmed?

Your reservation is confirmed when the documents making up the lease have been signed and the first instalment is paid.  

Is it possible to contact someone to advise me?

You can get answers to your questions by contacting our inquiry service by telephone at 01 85 08 60 25 or by email at the following address: caen@kley.fr

What to do in case of last minute cancellation?

If you have already begun a reservation process and you want to cancel, you must inform the person responsible for reservations:

  • By mail to caen@kley.fr
  • By phone at 01 85 08 60 25
  • In the event of a last minute cancellation is the booking fee returned?

    In accordance with the information stipulated in the lease, in case of last minute cancellation (that is to say, less than a month before moving in), only the deposit will be returned. The application fee and the first month's rent will not be refunded.

    Can I book for a short stay in a residence?

    Indeed according to availability, you can book accommodation for a short stay. For this contact us by phone at +33 1 85 08 60 25.

    How long is the lease?

    The lease contract is for 12 months with one month's notice and with mutual agreement.


    Can I choose my apartment?

    Freedom of choice of apartments is given to future tenants according to availability. Of course, the student making the earliest application will be getting a much wider choice (apartment size, orientation, position).

    Can I make a visit?

    Of course, a visit to your future home is highly recommended. To visit a specific apartment you should make an appointment by calling or emailing the residence. Otherwise, you can visit an available apartment at any time during the reception opening hours: 9 hours / 19 hours. Soon you will be able to take a virtual tour directly on our website.

    How long is the tour?

    It takes between 15 and 30 minutes for a visit. However, our team will be happy to assist you in the process of booking for as long as necessary.

    I cannot make a visit, what do i do?

    We understand that it is not always possible for you to make a visit. Therefore, we suggest an alternative which is to schedule a visit via Skype. Soon you will be able to take a virtual tour directly on our website.

    What do I have to do before my arrival?

    Before you can move in, you will have completed the signing of the lease, have contracted a home insurance policy that will take effect on the day of arrival, and have made an appointment for the issue of the keys and inventory. After that, you can leave your bags!

    What is an inventory?

    The inventory is a written document, written in two copies (one for the tenant and one for the residence). It details the condition of the rented apartment and the furniture and equipment therein.

    When is an inventory done? What is it used for?

    There are two points during the rental period: one on the arrival of the tenant, the other at the time of departure. If damages are found, the residence will be entitled to retain the cost of repairs from the deposit.

    The inventory is used to prove the state in which the resident received the premises. For example, if a stain is discovered on a desk, the tenant cannot be responsible for such damage at the time of his departure, if it was found on arrival.

    Can I change apartments if mine does not suit me?

    Yes you can change apartments simply but there must be a valid reason and it will be based on the availability in the residence.


    What housing assistance? APL? Social housing allowance?

    APL = (Aide Personnalisée au Logement) Personalised housing assistance.
    ALS = (Allocation de Logement Social) Social Housing Allowance.
    APL and ALS are two types of housing assistance. You can only receive one of them, depending on the type of accommodation. APL is financial aid from the State intended to reduce the cost of rent for public housing units. ALS is also financial support from the State intended to reduce the cost of rent, but it is valid for all other types of housing (including university residences like Kley). It represents the most commonly paid to help students.
    By abuse of language we often use the term APL while it is the ALS that is paid.

    How much is my housing assistance?

    The simulation is via a questionnaire completed in 5 minutes. After this you will know the amount to deduct from your rent. https://wwwd.caf.fr/wps/portal/caffr/aidesetservices/lesservicesenligne/telechargerunformulaire/metropole/al

    When should I make my application for housing assistance?

    The request is made after signing the lease. However, you can roughly estimate your rights by performing a simulation on the CAF website.
    The simulation is via a questionnaire completed in 5 minutes. After this you will know the approximate amount to be deducted from your rent.

    How to get this housing assistance?

    To complete your application for housing assistance, click on the following link: https://wwwd.caf.fr/pdfj/al0.pdf
    For more details, see the guide to the application for housing assistance:
    Fill in the part about you and send the other part to the residence to complete the certificate of rent. Send it by mail to the following address: CAF de la Drôme 26023 Valence CEDEX 9.
    A reply will be provided by CAF within 10 days.

    I cannot complete my application, what to do?

    If you encounter a difficulty in completing your application, you can contact an advisor by phone: +332 31 95 07 10 (* From Monday to Friday, 9 am to 18.30)

    Who must report resources for housing assistance?

    It is the tenant must declare resources, not guarantors.

    From when can I receive housing assistance?

    Housing assistance is triggered in the month following your move. For example, if you move in on 19 September, you will receive your allowance 19 October.

    Can I qualify for housing assistance even if I choose to share a room?

    Yes, as much as with an individual rental. Even in a room share you hold an individual lease. The amount of benefit that you receive depends solely on the rent that you pay.


    What will I pay the first month?

    Within 8 days of the signing of the lease you will be required to pay:

    • The first rent and charges.
    • The security deposit.
    • The application fee.
    You will not be asked to open your electricity / water account as this amount is already included in the rent.

    When exactly should I pay my first monthly payment?

    This first payment must be paid within 8 days of signing the lease.

    What do I pay during the academic year?

    Within 8 days of the signing of the lease:

    • The application fee.
    • The security deposit (to be refunded).
    • The rent and charges.
    • The French residence tax (La taxe d’habitation).
    • The comprehensive home insurance.

    When do I pay my rent?

    The rent must be paid between the 1st and 5th of each month.

    How do I pay my rent?

    Your rent can be paid by:

    • Transfer.
    • Cheque.
    • Debit.

    What is the application fee?

    Application fees paid by the tenant on arrival cover the costs associated with the creation and management of the tenant record throughout his stay. They include the provision of a reservation advisor, drafting of the lease, the site visit, the drafting of the inventory and the issue of keys.
    Our fees are simple and the amount complies with ALUR law, passed in 2014. The amount is linked to the number of square meters you rent in the city concerned.

    What is the security deposit? How much is the security deposit?

    The deposit is used to cover any breaches of the tenant lease obligations (eg regularization of rents and charges or rental repairs). The deposit must be paid to the owner at the time of signing the lease. Or within 8 days in case of electronic signature. The amount of the deposit is fixed at one month's rent.

    Is the security deposit refunded on departure day?

    After inspection, the security deposit is refunded within two months after of your departure less any remediation costs, damage, loss, or cleaning.

    How do I know the amount of my monthly bill?

    You can consult at any time the amount you have by logging onto our web platform: Le YUM or asking Team Kley.


    What does the room price include?

    The room price includes rent and expenses ...

    What expenses are included?

    Water, heating and electricity charges, administrative costs, garbage taxes.

    The expenses are not included in the rent?

    Not included in the rent charges are:

    • Home insurance.
    • French residence tax (La taxe d’habitation).

    Should I take out home insurance?

    Each property must be insured against fire, explosion, theft and water damage covering real property and equipment items. Tenants must also take out third party liability insurance and insure their personal belongings.

    Do I pay the household garbage tax?

    No, household garbage tax is included in the amount of charges.

    Do I pay the taxe d’habitation (French residence tax)?

    The taxe d’habitation (French residence tax) is levied on people occupying taxable premises on 1 January of that year, either as owner-occupant, tenant or occupant for free. Students are therefore subject to the tax for accommodation they occupy. The tax is paid in November.

    What additional cost(s) should I expect?

    The Kley Address has an all-inclusive price without surprise. However, like everywhere, expect to pay for the additional services consumed: washing machines, vending machine, drinks and snacks...


    What are the common areas?
    • Le Hub (the info area, the interactive terminal, the host team and the great wall of expression).
    • Le Lab (co-working space, equipped meeting room).
    • Le Kafé (community kitchen and communal dining room).
    • Le Patio (garden space).
    • Le Squat (our relaxation area with large screens, sofas, table football and high bar).
    • Le Pratiq (laundry, ironing, storage, parking).
    Does the residence loan equipment?

    Yes, the residence loans equipment on request: extra mattress, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron and ironing board, games ... To ensure the availability of such equipment when you need it, you can book them at the reception or on Le Yum.

    How are the apartments equipped?

    The apartments are equipped with a superior comfort bed, a "bar table" with stools, a desk with chair, lamp and storage space, a memo board, a fully equipped kitchenette, a bathroom and a wardrobe.

    Is the bed for one or two people?

    The Kley bed is 190 cm X 120 cm. It is a large bed that can accommodate a guest without problem. 

    How is kitchenette equipped?

    The kitchenette has a fridge, 2 hotplates, a sink, a microwave grill and all the necessary equipment for two people (pan, stove, plates, glasses, cutlery ...).

    How is the bathroom equipped?

    The bathroom has a shower, a washbasin with mirror above and two storage cupboards below, a towel dryer and a toilet.

    Is household linen provided on site?

    Because you are at home, we thought that you would bring your own duvet and pillow. If you do not, no worries, we can provide them. Linen is also not included. If you want you can book this service via Le Yum. We take care of the provision and cleaning your linen (changed every 15 days): pillowcase, fitted sheet, duvet cover, towel, towel and bath mats.

    What makes up the linen kit?

    The linen kit includes bedding (sheets, pillowcases, duvet cover), and also household linen: tea towel, towel, bath mat.

    Can I move the furniture in my apartment?

    Yes, provided your apartment is restored to its original order.

    In case of failure / breakdown who pays the repairs?

    The residence covers minor maintenance (change of bulb, unblocking sink, tightening screws). However any damage or breakage of furniture will be charged to the tenant.

    How does the heating work?

    Each apartment has individual heating in the main room and a towel dryer in the bathroom according to the residence. The cost of heating is included in the room rate. To preserve the environment, think about everyday eco gestures:

    • I lower the heating thermostat when I leave my home or when I open the windows.
    • I avoid prolonged showers. 5 min is ideal!
    • I cook by covering pots and pans to reduce heat loss. That's 30% off!
    • I respect the recommended temperatures for food preservation and set my refrigerator at + 4 ° C and my freezer at - 18 ° C.
    • I turn off the water while I soap myself or brush my teeth.
    • I use the dual flush wisely.
    • I use multiple sockets with on-off button to shut off appliances on standby. Indeed, a stereo on standby for 4 hours consumes as much as if you listen for 1 hour.
    • I unplug my charger if it is not in use.
    • I set my computer to power saving mode.
    • I turn off all the lights when I leave a room: three 75 W bulbs remaining lit for an evening use the equivalent of a washing machine at 60 ° C.
    • I open the curtains and shutters in daylight to avoid consuming electricity.
    • I sort my waste.


    What services are included in the rent?

    Everything is included in the price. This is a flat fee with no surprises later in the month for the resident. It includes:

    • Unlimited internet access.
    • All water and electricity charges.
    • The minor maintenance of your apartment.
    • Access to public areas.
    • The bicycle garage.
    • Access to the bicycle repair shop.
    • The reception service with reception of new residents, the management of your file and rent, administrative procedures and receiving parcels.
    • The loan of everyday tools
    • The garbage taxes.
    • Administrative fees (maintenance, indoor and outdoor common areas, electricity and water for the common area).

    What are the services not included in the rent?

    The concept of the residence is an all-inclusive price without surprise. However, you can purchase additional services: cleaning, linen rental, storage ... These additional services will be charged. Monitor your subscriptions at any time and size of your bill on Le Yum.

    Who repairs malfunctions in my apartment?

    For all maintenance problems you should contact the reception or notify us on Le Yum. Someone will intervene as soon as possible. In the case of minor maintenance, this is included in the price of your home. If there is a breakdown or operational problem, an estimate will be provided.

    How does the internet work?

    The Wi-Fi is composed of 2 simultaneous connections (a computer and a mobile phone for example) with a guaranteed minimum of 2 Mbps with burst up to 5 Mbps (short data transmission but issued at maximum speed for the given window in the transmitter).

    How can I manage my water and electricity account?

    The room rate includes your water and electricity consumption. In compliance with our environmental commitments, we will notify you in case of overconsumption.

    Who does the cleaning in my apartment?

    You are free to maintain your home yourself or to hire a cleaning service, either regularly or from time to time. Here are the tarifs. You can book these services through le Yum or by asking at reception.

    How to report a maintenance issue outside the reception opening hours?

    You can report your maintenance problem direct online on Le Yum. Your request will be considered when the reception opens. If you have an emergency, please call the phone number on your document issued upon arrival.

    To whom should I turn to if I have a problem?

    You'll always have someone to turn to if you have a problem. The whole team of the residence is there to ensure your well-being, do not hesitate to turn to them. But also, call your neighbours via Le Yum to solve your problem, that's the Kley support! For emergencies please contact Jean Baptiste Cousin, he will find a solution: jean-baptiste.cousin@kley.fr


    Who lives in the residence?

    Mostly students, but also trainees, young professionals and postgraduates.

    What should I bring for my move in?

    The apartment is already fully furnished and equipped. Just bring your personal belongings.

    Can I leave my luggage / belongings at the reception?

    Yes, personal and secure lockers are provided for this purpose. Whether moving in or during your stay.

    Is it possible to rent an apartment for a couple?

    Yes, it is possible to occupy the premises as a couple when you stay in a studio L or XL. The classic studios however do not accommodate couples only occasional visitors.

    Can I invite someone?

    The Kley residence will be your home for the duration of your stay. This means that it is your home and you are free to invite a friend. Also, your large bed allows you to host your guest for a short stay one or two nights. For security reasons, please inform of all visitors.

    Can I organize an event?

    It is possible for you to organize an event in one of the public areas of the residence. Le Klub is made for that, and you even have a budget every month. The residence team will explain the organizational arrangements. As regards your apartment, you can receive anyone while making sure not to disturb the peace and sleep of your neighbours.

    Are the residences secure?

    Yes, a presence is guaranteed 24h on 24h by combining presence at the reception from 8 am to 19h and installed CCTV equipment installed. Access to the residence outside the opening is in turn governed by an electronic pass which will be provided on arrival.

    Is there a curfew?

    No, the residence is accessible 24/7 with your electronic pass.

    Are there any events / activities for the students?

    The team members of the residence are there to ensure your wellbeing. They also organize activities, outings, rallies, challenges ... for all residents. You will not be bored!

    Can I customize my room?

    Yes and it is recommended! Ask at the reception for custom stickers offered by the residence.

    Where can I smoke?

    Your studios are equipped with smoke detectors; you should not smoke inside your apartment so as not to trigger the fire alarm. For the respect of all, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in public areas of the residence. Space is provided at each of our Addresses for smokers (Le Patio, terrace or garden).

    Are there individual toilets?

    Each apartment has a private bathroom including toilets, shower, wash basin, heated towel rail and storage.

    Where can I park my car?

    The Caen Address offers covered parking for 68 accessed directly from the elevator of the residence.

    Where can I park my bike?

    Located on the ground floor of the building. You can freely access the bike park with your badge.

    Can I have a pet?

    To ensure the satisfaction of all residents we do not accept pets.

    Can I use the laundry 24/24?

    The laundry is accessible any time of day or night.

    Are there internal rules?

    Yes, you will be given them during the processing of your application.

    What if I lose my keys / my pass?

    If you lose your pass please report it immediately to the reception. You will be issued a new (chargeable).

    Will I receive letters and parcels?

    Yes, your mail is collected from your post box at the entrance. Your parcels are collected directly at the reception. When you receive a package, you will automatically receive a message on Le Yum informing you. Please have your ID and get your package at the reception.

    How to get to the residence?

    • Tram A and B stop "Copernic"
    • Bus BV04 stop "pericentre"
    • Nocti-bus stop "pericentre"
    • Veol station "CROUS SUAPS"
    • By car: coming from the A13, A84, N13, N158, D613, D513, D515, D562A, E46. Join the N814, take exit 5 towards Côte de Nacre, Côte de Nacre / Douvres-la-Délivrande / Courseulles-sur-Mer, Keep left at the fork and follow Caen / Calvarre-Saint-Pierre, at the roundabout take the 3rd exit onto Avenue de la Cote de Nacre. The residence is at No. 49 on the right.
    • By train: Caen railway station, to take the tram: walk to the stop "Caen – Gare SNCF", Tram A direction "Caen - Campus 2" get off at "Caen-Copernic." Leaving the tram, turn right on Avenue de la cote de Nacre, walk 400 meters to the residence.
    • By plane: from the airport of Caen Carpiquet, there are several ways to get to your residence.
    • By shuttle: Designed to allow pedestrians to reach the airport for departures and arrivals for FLYBE flights on Monday, Friday and Sunday. The timetable adapts to changes to the FLYBE flight schedule. TWISTO tickets, valid for one hour are sold at a price of € 6 per ride and allow travel on all TWISTO bus network during this time.
    • By taxi: Available for the arrival of each flight. Expect to pay about € 20 for the journey from 7h to 19h from Monday to Saturday and 30 € between 19h and 7h and on Sundays and holidays.

    Some details of taxis

    • Taxi Abbeilles Caen: 02 31 52 17 89
    • Elizabeth Taxi: 06 84 97 47 17
    • Foucout Alain : 06 27 31 45 87
    • Taxi Creully - Mouton Yves : 06 07 72 50 59
    • Taxi Côte De Nacre : 06 80 14 46 35
    • Touring Shopping 14 : 02 31 34 45 00


    Can I leave my apartment without doing the inventory?

    No, the inventory is required. However, if you cannot attend, you have the opportunity to be represented by the person of your choice by proxy.

    Is it possible to terminate the lease? What is the notice?

    The termination of the lease is possible, simply notify by recorded mail respecting the notice period of one month as mentioned in the general terms of rental.

    Can I leave my apartment before the end of the notice?

    It is possible for the tenant to move out before the end date of notice. However, they will still be required to pay their last rent in its entirety as planned. Before departure, the tenant will also be required to make an appointment to make the inventory.

    What should I do before I leave my apartment?

    • 1 month in advance: the tenant must have given notice.
    • 1 month in advance: the tenant must make an appointment at the reception to perform an inventory on the day of departure.
    • D-Day: the tenant must ensure that the accommodation is left in the state in which it was on arrival (condition and cleanliness). An inventory will be completed.
    • The tenant may elect to clean the apartment themselves or to use to use our service for a complete cleaning on departure.