Better than a student housing in Caen, a Kley Address

Each Kley offers a mixture of private space and spaces to share.

Studios that are changing university residences in Caen

At Kley, new generation of student housing in Caen, you choose the size of your studio to meet your needs, preferences and budget.
The studios offer excellent working conditions when you want to isolate yourself (soundproofing, natural light).

Never seen spaces in housing for students Caen

The public areas of Kley Adresses, new student housing in Caen, are designed to facilitate co-working and the working group. All the spaces are connected to further facilitate exchange and research. You can also join other students for meal preparation, mutual support, exchanges and relaxation. And our patio will allow you to clear your head between work sessions. Kley, this is another philosophy for student housing in Caen.

A residence with services dedicated to university students in Caen

More than just a student housing in Caen, Kley Caen offers services to simplify your student life. Many services are included in our all inclusive prices. And for those who need an extra hand, we have a range of additional a la carte services. Kley, innovative Caen student housing also has a team at the service of students which sustains the daily life of the residence. If problems occur, there is always someone to help. With a smile, the team accompanies you daily to promote the success of your studies.